Mar 3, 2012

My Voicelessness

Every time I see you my Voicelessness strikes me with a bitter surprise.

I try to say something, but my Voicelessness squeezes my throat.

My Voicelessness comes with a great deal of "paralysis" of the limbs.
I feel my arms long and heavy, as if any minute they will hit the ground.
My feet feel heavy and clumsy. My thighs feel enormous and drifted away.
My giant face occupies the entire space around me.

My Voicelessness is to blame. So many words push to come out. But instead they
fill my whole being and I feel as if it would burst any moment.
Every step I take makes the room resound with an unpleasant sound.
I am now touching my neck ... my voicelessness remains in silence. My dewlap is huge

I blame my Voicelessness.

If only I could tell you everything.

I open my mouth , I want to let my mousy little voice last. I accumulate courage while
I am trying to ignore my huge limbs that fill the space.

And then you smile,

You get up

it is high time that we said goodbye.

My Voicelessness screams with pain.

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